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To make a rental inquiry or to find out more, select an option below:

Rental Calendar

Reservation Request

To inquire about the Firefighters Hall or to make a reservation,

please complete and submit the reservation request form below:


Once your reservation request has been submitted, please allow 48 hours for a reply. When your reservation has been accepted, please complete the following payment process:

1. Write two separate checks; one for the rental fee and one for the deposit/ cleaning fee. Make checks payable to "EFFA". Please be sure to include the date of your event on your checks.

Example: (Please use your actual event dates.)


Write “hall rent fee 12/11/23″ on lower-left corner of one check.
Write “hall rent deposit 12/11/23″ on lower-left corner of the other check.

2. Send payment to:

Everett Firefighters Association

P.O. Box 2203

Everett, WA 98213

The rental fee check will be cashed upon receipt, and the deposit will be held until after your event. If the hall is cleaned thoroughly and not damaged, we will simply destroy your deposit check.

Deposit checks will not be returned.

All event rental fee checks are deposited when received. All deposit checks are held until inspection of the Hall and destroyed if not needed to cover cleaning or damage. Forfeiture of all or part of your deposit is entirely our discretion. Please follow the Facility Use Rules and Cleanup Checklist closely and there will be no problems.


** Please Note: Any release of glitter in the building, or tape on our surfaces will automatically forfeit your damage deposit! **


We will put your name on an open date to save it for you for one week. Once we receive your fee and deposit checks we will confirm your reservation. If you cancel for any reason we will retain your deposit check.

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Firefighters Hall Rental Rates

*Holidays include New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day


Rental Fee

Damage/ Cleaning Deposit

Saturday and Holiday* rentals.

Reduced rates and donations not available on these dates.



Weekday rentals. (Sunday – Friday)



Weekday meetings (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm)

Rate not available for banquet use.



Discounted rates available for non-profit groups for some function types. Submit a donation request.



Youth Sports & Awards Ceremonies / *Sunday Only

$50/ 2 hrs.

$100/ 4 hrs


The Everett Firefighters offer free meeting space on a limited basis to qualifying non-profit groups. 

Submit a donation request.



Hall Images

User Documents

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